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Participate in the Council’s Big Data Research Project

Posted By David Brousell, January 20, 2015 at 4:07 PM, in Category: Transformative Technologies

In order to better understand one of the hottest and most controversial technology topics of the day – big data and analytics – the Manufacturing Leadership Council has launched a research study on the topic.

The survey will identify how manufacturers are developing strategies around big data, what benefits they expect from analytics initiatives, and what key challenges they face in using key technologies and organizing their businesses around big data-enabled decision-making.

Big data has become a major subject of discussion and debate for the ML Council. In a recent roundtable, Council members were told that big data initiatives must have a clear business purpose and rationale, a requirement seemingly elementary but often either overlooked or under-appreciated.

Council members also addressed the question of how big data might change how they manage their plant floors. Big data in on-going production operations has become an inherent need, many Council members felt, which is a big change from the “tribal knowledge” which had governed operations for many years. And a number of Council members expressed the hope that greater predictive capabilities will attend big data projects as experience with analytics is gained.

To participate in the Council’s new Big Data and Analytics Survey, click here http://bit.ly/1CMBmEV

Written by David Brousell

Global Vice President, General Manager and Editorial Director of the Manufacturing Leadership Council


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