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Creating & Presenting a Compelling Business Case - London: Build and present your business case with authority and influence


Price: £1,495 (First Delegate Rate) £1,345 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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Every day you have to make decisions about how to spend your time, your effort and your organisation’s money. How you make those decisions determines whether your organisation succeeds or fails. At the heart of any sound decision is a business case that examines the options, gathers evidence and identifies the resources required and the benefits that might accrue.

A good business case is so much more than simply the means to justify a decision. A well-written and well-researched business case will secure funding; make sure any project stays on the right side of regulation; marshals support for the cause; provides the platform for managing the project and the benchmark against which to measure progress. If you want people to listen to your ideas, if you want to make good decisions, if you want to make things better in your organisation, then you’ll have to be able to present a clear and compelling business case. This three day workshop shows you how to make sense of the task at hand and build confidence in your ability to build a well-argued case that you can present and defend in an authoritative and influential way.

This workshop is also designed to enable delegates to raise their speaking skills and make a mark by taking charge of the platform and connecting effectively with the audience, improving their chances of success when presenting to persuade, and become masters, not slaves, of PowerPoint business cases!

Workshop Objectives

This skill building workshop is designed to help you:

  • Understand the whole process
  • Perform the research with all the tools to undertake an analysis
  • Develop a strategy, articulate your options, define the benefits, establish the costs, identify the risks… to make a compelling case
  • Construct and write an unbeatable, logical business case using words of influence
  • Master the skills to present as a compelling case, to inject interest in financial PowerPoint slides and to handle Q&A sessions masterfully

Who will the Workshop benefit?

This three day workshop will benefit anyone responsible for driving change or new ideas forward in their business through influencing others to their cause. It is suitable for those who currently build business cases and who want to improve the quality of their output in terms of: credibility, argumentation, influence and presentation. It will be of particular benefit to busy managers who want to gain an overview or review of the whole process of developing a successful, compelling and influential business case and for those who want to raise their speaking skills.

It will benefit those who are involved in high-level sales and who help their customers to ‘make the case’ to their bosses. People involved in project teams or product development teams who need to distinguish between operating/purchasing/development options will find the course valuable.  This course is as much about new thinking as about techniques.

Delegates are encouraged to bring along a current business case or project they are working on to use as a ‘live’ tool during the workshop.


Dr Debby Swallow

Dr Debby Swallow is a sought after speaker, facilitator and trainer. She works closely with business leaders, senior managers and diplomats around the world on projects as diverse as international management, internationalisation projects, cross cultural communications, change and entrepreneurship. She is a visiting lecturer on MBA courses both in the UK and abroad and regularly runs ‘3 Day MBA’ programmes on managing with strategic vision for busy executives.  She has worked in over thirty countries for private, public, NGO and government organisations.

Deborah is a business woman and entrepreneur. Since 1990, she has spent her time mastering the challenge of change, transition and growth – at warp-speed – to help her own companies and others combat a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised commercial world.  She was one of the first women to be appointed to the Board of a Government TEC in the 90s and helped set up the Business Link organisation in Essex.

As a consultant and trainer, Debby has the ability to pass on the theory and substance of her academic training, along with a depth of understanding and insight, to busy executives in a way that meets their understanding and needs for the challenge of today’s business environment.

In her early business career, Deborah watched as her family business nearly failed twice. She became Finance Director of the company in 1994 and successfully turned it around, pursuing an aggressive policy of acquisition and diversification.  Determined that the business would never fail again, she developed core competences for the business and herself. None of this or her future achievements, she admits, could have happened if she had not ‘gone out to learn about business’.

After qualifying as an accountant in 1994, she undertook an MSc in Management and Business Development and then a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in change management, specialising in cross-cultural and international business practices. She originally trained as an interpreter and speaks French and Spanish. Deborah is an NLP business practitioner and has studied psychology.  In 1999 Deborah won the UK National Training Award, as an individual.

She has worked for organisations as diverse as: EuroTunnel, Norsk Hydro, Kongsberg-Simrad, The Royal Diplomatic School of Norway, NORAD, Nokia, Mencap, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, UPM, Stora Enso, the Finnish National Road Association, Perlos Tools, Fortis Bank, Barclays Bank, Barclaycard, Mastercard, Aon Limited. Also, support agencies such as Red Cross in Geneva, The UN Biosphere, The Women's Rural Advisory Centres, The SEED Foundation of Hungary, and The International Foundation for Sustainable Forestry.

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