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Fundamentals of Finance - London: Enhance your financial management skills to ensure organisational success


Price: £1,095 (First Delegate Rate) £985 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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This course will provide you with a solid foundation in the principles of finance as they apply in the real world, without resorting to jargon.  You will develop an understanding of how finance works in business, how finance measures performance, how financial decisions impact upon performance, how to set and manage budgets and how to use finance skills to drive a business forward.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop is designed to deliver a number of significant outcomes, including:

  • Understand the scope, methodology and language of the finance function
  • Translate your specialisation into the language of finance and accounting
  • Prepare realistic budgets and cash flows and control them
  • Select and apply appropriate figures for different purposes, such as measuring or decision making
  • Understand the effect of your department and your decisions on the bottom line
  • Present yourself and your departmental budgets more credibly to your finance colleagues 

Who Will the Workshop Benefit?

Anyone, at any level, who wants (or needs to) know more about financial management including executive management, budget holders, administrators, salespeople, marketeers, operational managers, project managers and anyone involved in business planning.

How are we going to do this?

Non-financial Managers with budgetary control or input, or those who need an understanding of financial measures and statements


Peter Atkinson

Peter is a professionally qualified trainer and coach who has led and facilitated commercially focused financial management and business skills training programmes in the UK, Angola, South Africa, France, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Southern Ireland and Cyprus.

Prior to becoming an independent businesses skills trainer, he had over 25 year’s operational and commercial experience having held senior management roles in the Granada Group, the Doctus Consulting Group and Fujitsu in the UK and the NZ operations of Unisys and Xerox.

Alongside his commercial skills training Peter has, for many years and in association with Right Management (part of the Manpower Group), played a significant part in helping managers and executives in the public and private sectors transition roles, positions and careers.

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