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Three Steps of Voice of the Customer Effectiveness



Collecting and analyzing feedback from your customers is just step #1 to a successful voice of the customer (VoC) strategy. Increased customer satisfaction is just the first strategic pillar of any VoC program. A good VoC program gets the most out of customer feedback and combines that with key operational metrics to drive improved sales effectiveness and operational efficiencies, as well.

Join Frost & Sullivan, The Home Depot and Nice as we discuss how to take the next steps in using analytic tools to make game changing improvements on the front lines – your agents, through customer feedback and root cause analysis.  You’ll hear from Gregory Harris at The Home Depot as they learned new ways to identify call types, tailor targeted coaching, deliver feedback to bottom performing agents, and provided business partners with data that has had a BIG impact on net performance scores (NPS) improvement, average handle time (AHT) reduction, and gains in additional sales revenue.

During this 60-minute complimentary eBroadcast, we will discuss:

  • Turning voice of the customer data into behaviors for agents to model.
  • Using analytics to improve customer service soft skills
  • The ways in that analytics can have a direct impact on NPS
  • How to use the technology in a creative ways to fix challenges in the contact center

Listen in on the experiences of others, participate in a live Q&A, and walk away with actionable strategies for your own organization.

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